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The Vision & Design

The Vision:

Every store location that stands today tells it's own story. Visuals, design and decor give tale to its years of existence, surroundings, environment & the community in which it stands. M.Fredric will never stray from its homey and inviting roots; however evolution and innovation bares as much importance as heritage and comfort.

In 2014, Fred Levine sought out a team of designers to bring a fresh look and vision to the M.Fredric brand. Fast forward to April 2015 and its newest store location at Westlake Plaza brings conception to reality.

This location features a brand new concept & design. Customers will find a much larger, open floor plan: light color wood floors & white walls. A very clean and light overall look. The design team created the space to have a breath of fresh air, while maintaining the M.Fredric warm and inviting feel. You'll find a little bit of the old M.Fredric within the brand new space. It's wooden posts have become iconic and synonymous with M.Fredric over the years and while no longer having use as merchandise fixtures they have repurposed them into a cool design element and featured wall behind the counter. This wall also acts as partition to the dressing rooms and salon suite now located in the back of the store, giving customers extra privacy.






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